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How To Add Photos Directly To E-mail

To include a photo directly into a mail message: 
1. Click the New Message icon on the toolbar. Be sure Format/Rich Text [HTML] is selected
2. Type the body of your message.
3. Place the cursor wherever you want to insert the picture.
4. Click the Insert Picture button on the toolbar.
5. Click the Browse button and navigate your way to the picture you want to use.
6. Select the picture and then click Open.
7. Click OK.
8. Click the Send button. 

How To Burn A CD

Play CD >
Go to Windows Media Player >> select now playing >> Copy from CD >> copy music checked (red button ) >>
Once you have a lot of CD's copied go to >> media library >> Right click on songs you prefer >> add to a playlist >> go to the playlist >> copy to CD >> Scroll down for total time.

Later Right click to delete selections. They do consume a lot of Hardrive space.
Go to My Music folder and see what you have there.

Code for Midi Form

<form action="" method="post"><input type=submit value="WONDERFULL WORLD - ON/OFF"> </form>

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