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Powermatic 3520B Bed Extension

I wanted to turn longer pieces than the stock bed would allow. After pricing the 50 inch bed extension offered by Powermatic, I decided to construct one of my own. I may eventually purchase the full bed extension or construct a heavier duty one but for now this will do. In the above photo, you can see the main support for a clothes tree. This set-up will allow around 5 � feet between centers. If extra supports were used, I am sure that extension of 4 feet or more would be possible.

It was constructed mostly from leftovers from other projects.

A 2" x 10" x 6' ripped to 7 1/2". Then it was cross cut to 36" for the main bed supports.

The end pieces were made from some white ash 1 inch flat stock on hand. A cardboard template was first made. Then a 1/4 plywood template was cut and modified for an exact fit. Finally the white ash end piece were cut and drilled on the drill press.

The leg support was also cut from a 2' x 10" The length was measured to insure that the bed would be level the whole length.. A 2" x 4" scrap was ripped into two pieces 2" x 3" x 18�. T-nuts were used to support floor levelers.

All components were jointed using 1/4" x 20 TPI socket head machine screws and cross dowel nuts. (AKA barrel nuts)

3/4" x 2 3/4" x 36" hard maple was planed to within .004" and used for the bed as steel of the proper thickness could not be found locally. There is not a machine shop in the area with a surface grinder that could make the steel bed for a reasonable amount. Each bed should be measured with a micrometer as there may be production differences.

Powermatic 3520B Roll Away Tailstock

This piece is just a prototype. I have already found a couple of things that I will change if and when I decide to build the better mousetrap.

It is constructed of leftover 5/8" plywood, 4 left over furniture casters and a couple of short pieces of 2" x 6". The only turned piece is the door pull which was spray painted black to match the other pulls. I used two hook and hasp fittings to hold the two pieces snugly together while sliding the tailstock off the homemade bed extension. I would use draw snap connectors as are used on trunks and lunch pails if I were doing it again.

There is absolutely no lifting. Just slide the tailstock off, unlatch and roll away.

Behind to door is a $15.00 set of clear plastic Sliding drawers. This provides storage for sandpaper, chucks, faceplates, etc.

This was constructed to fit at the end of the bed extension above. It could be easily adapted to a 3520B without an extension. If I didn't already have the bed extension, I would have constructed a heavy cabinet 36" or 48" long that I could clamp in place at both top and bottom. I also would have provided for retractable casters so that the cabinet could do triple duty as a tailstock holder, a storage cabinet and a bed extension.

Homemade Round Skew

This is a 1/2" (actually .490") round skew made from a discarded automobile shock, a piece of 3/4" copper pipe and a left over piece of black cherry.

The shock rods are very hard; a file won't scratch them. It was ground to shape on a 60 grit wheel and sharpened on flat oilstone and finally honed on a series of diamond hones. It seems to hold an edge as well as my Sorby skews. It's about two months old and has been used quite a bit.

This round skew could also be made from oil hardened tool steel. It would have to be hardened and tempered.

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