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Woodturning and its promotion as a hobby is the purpose of this website. Woodturning is very relaxing and satisfying; it feels good to create something unique with simple hand tools and a very simple machine. I have been a recreational woodturner since the summer of 1992.

This is not a commercial website. I am not set up with the IRS or the state tax people to run a business. If you are interested in any of the the turnings here, I would be happy to suggest one of my woodturning friends that would happily accept a commission.

I turn goblets, bowls, rolling pins, boxes, candle sticks, Christmas tree ornaments, hollow forms, vases, furniture parts, mallets, gavels, baby rattles, weed pots, platters, trays, baseball bats, mailbox posts and well, you get the idea, just about anything that can be turned from wood.


Bowls are the main item that woodturners produce. I turn a few myself. I know of many woodturners who turn only bowls on their lathes. I don't blame them. Turning bowls is very rewarding in more ways then one.

However, there are literally hundreds of different objects that can be turned from wood. It is my personal goal to turn as many different objects as I can find a use for. Of course, I have to agree, that many times, decoration is all the use a woodturning needs.


To view some of my woodturning, you are invited to visit my Woodturning Gallery.


I turn mostly native hardwoods. I either turn green or coat the end grain with paraffin (canning wax) and allow to dry before turning. I have even been known to use the microwave to dry rough turned bowls to speed things up a little.


I live and turn wood in extreme northern New York State near Massena right on the border with Canada. I would be interested in hearing from other woodturners especially from the local area.


You can find a Powermatic 3520B Homemade Bed Extension, a Powermatic 3520B Roll Away Tailstock Holder, the weather and other miscellaneous information here.


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